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ABout Us

Kickpest India Pvt. Ltd., is one of the leading and consumer care pest control service industry in south india founded nearly 2 decades ago to meet the pest control needs of our esteemed customer.

We at Kickpest have a clearly designed strategy to become the market leader in the segment and diversify into the related services.


Since Kickpest committed to follow Integrated Pest Management method, we adopt following steps to protect your food, health and environment.

  • Minimum use of pesticide and emphasizing more mechanical, biological control & herbal control method.
  • Implementation of bio & herbal control along with monitoring devices. This will help in reduction of harmful pesticide.
  • Herbal & biodegradable pesticides are used to reduce the residual toxicity.
  • Along with the Integrated Pest Management policy. Our technical team insist to create awareness regarding good house keeping methods and sanitations to our valued customers to keep the pests out.
  • All our field staff and technical managers are well versed in latest pest control techniques to serve our client better.


Kickpest motive is not only business apart from that we are committed to social responsibility by adopting integrated pest management, environment health & safety, employee and customer relations etc. Based on these practices we are committed to create awareness about the dangerous effects some pest species can have on human health at school level, where children are introduced to the world of pest and learn basic roles of hygiene & sanitation, in order to prevent outbreaks of diseases at home, schools and society.


Kickpest is dedicated to serve from small residential customer to largest corporate house, from small scale industry to large scale engineering industry, from a small clinic to big hospitals, from small hotels to large star hotels etc., This is to help them to grow fast in their respective business without the worries of pest. The major clients are residential, food processing industries, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, engineering industries, corporate offices, transport, IT-ITES & hardware, hospitality, business malls etc.


With services of Integrated Pest Management by following all government regulations and licencing control terms & conditions and adhering to safe guard and follow the rules of environment, we empower and support the growth of business and the development of economy.


Kickpest aims to provide the pest control service at the affordable cost to all the house holds and commercial establishment by doing so it wants to create a pest free and hygienic future India.


Kickpest service operators, technicians, service supervisors, technical support managers, sales manager and other support staffs are some of the most experienced, well trained and knowledgeable individual you will find in the industry.

We are used to develop close working relationships with our valued and esteemed customers to help them overcome challenges they face and achieve other business goals. All our operators are undergone vocational training in pest control service and also taught & updated latest pest control techniques to meet the modern business challenges in industry.

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