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Roachnil (Alphacypermethrin 10%SC

Roachnil is a high performance residual insecticide that provides control of Cockroach for longer duration. it is suitable for use in domestic, institutional premises & public can be used in hospital,kitchen restaurents, food processing units and food storage areas.Roachnil is 10% suspended concentrate (SC) with Alphacypermethrin as an active ingredient.

Roachnil is suitable for the control of Ants, Mosquitoes, Bedbugs, Cockroaches, Flies, Spiders, Silverfishes, etc.

Roachnil kills the insects by contact and by ingestion.

Roachnil is cost effective due to low dosage and less rounds.

a.I.: 20 to 40 mg/sq. mt.
Formulation : 10 to 20 ml/1 Litre of water to cover 50 sq. mt. area

Antidote : Diazepam
Packing Available - 1 Litre & 250 ML

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